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power washing germantown md

Fall is just around the corner! In addition to lighting your pumpkin scented candles, there are a few other tasks to remember when it comes to getting your home ready—like power washing in Germantown, Maryland


Here’s why, plus how DeckMaster can help. 


#1 – Prep your home for winter. 


Having your deck, home exterior, and fence power washed is not only beneficial now, but for the upcoming winter season, too. 


In addition to removing dirt, stains and debris, DeckMaster brightens wood surfaces and rejuvenates their sealant, water repellency, and UV protection—strengthening and fortifying your wood surfaces for the harsh winter months. 


Additionally, DeckMaster can repair damage to your fence or deck so it can better withstand the elements during winter and be in good shape when spring rolls around. 


#2 – Make your home look its best for entertaining. 


This time of year marks the coming of fall and winter holiday entertaining. DeckMaster can help get your deck, fence, and home exterior in tip top shape before your guests arrive. 


You may consider cleaning the inside of your home before hosting friends and family, but what some people neglect is the fact that the outside of the house needs to be cleaned, too. But not to worry—DeckMaster can wash away dirt, repair damage, and reverse fading and discoloration so you’re sure to make a good impression.


#3 – Fall is the ideal climate for power washing. 


Now that the temperatures are starting to drop to a pleasant range and the hot summer months are beginning to fade away, it’s the perfect weather to take on outdoor projects like power washing in Germantown, Maryland


The air is fresh and crisp yet still warm enough to create the perfect drying conditions. And Because the muggy humidity and scorching summer temperatures are beginning to subside, now is the perfect time for power washing without as much risk of mold or mildew growth. 


A Smart Alternative To Power Washing In Germantown, Maryland 


DeckMaster has developed a smarter, safer, more effective option compared to power washing. Our system is more gentle on wood and more effective at removing stains, mold, and mildew.


With DeckMaster, your fence, deck, and home exterior can be restored to look like new and be better protected against the elements as the seasons change in Germantown, Maryland.


Learn more about the difference DeckMaster’s PressureLess Cleaning System makes compared to power washing for your Germantown, Maryland home.