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For decades, homeowners have defaulted to power washing for their decks. However, as many have suffered the headache of premature wear and damage to their wood decks over time, better methods have emerged. 


Here are a few of the disadvantages of power washing your deck, as well as recommendations for a better way to clean it.  


#1 – Splintering and damage


Wood decks are particularly vulnerable to the harsh effects of power washing. The excessive pressure used by power washers can both create new areas of damage as well as spread existing areas of splintering and wear. 


Damage inflicted by power washing is permanent, and slowly breaks down the integrity of wood decks over time. 


And if you think composite decks are safe to be power washed, here’s some information you should know. Power washing can actually chip away composite material and even leave engraving marks due to the intense pressure. 


The worst part is, damage caused by power washing often isn’t included in deck warranties either, so you can expect to pay out of pocket to have these issues fixed. 


#2 – Rotting, mold, and mildew


The excessive amounts of moisture that are blasted into you deck with power washing is a real cause for concern. Because high pressure power washers often break through the sealed surface of your deck, moisture can get deep into the boards—causing mold, mildew, and rot. 


To make matters worse, power washing compromises the protective sealant on your deck, which makes it more vulnerable to weathering as the seasons change.


#3 – Costly in both the short and long term


Power washing not only gives you a less effective clean—meaning you’ll have to pay for this service more often—but it can actually end up costing you more in the long run, too. 


Because your deck surface and inner structure can become compromised with power washing, you can expect to pay more for maintenance and repair, plus you’ll likely have to replace your entire deck sooner. 


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Fortunately, DeckMaster has created a better way. Our PressureLess Cleaning & Preservation System is non-toxic, gentle, and highly effective. Plus, we also brighten, seal, and add UV protection to your deck as part of our signature service.