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Deck construction in Fairfax, Virginia is a wise way to add more value and functional space to your home. While there are benefits to building a deck all year round, there are some specific advantages unique to the winter season that the average customer might not consider. 

DeckMaster specializes in Fairfax, Virginia deck construction plus so much more. You can trust our knowledge and expertise to build, repair, and maintain your deck throughout every season of life. 

Here are four of the many reasons why our team of professionals recommends the winter season for your deck construction in Fairfax, Virginia


#1 – More Options And Specials

As is always true, and especially during the unique circumstances our communities have been in over the last couple of years, construction crews are significantly booked out—leaving customers waiting months or longer for their project to be completed. 

However, during the fall and winter seasons, the demand for construction projects tends to decline. That means that during winter, you’ll have more availability and options for deck construction in Fairfax, Virginia—plus you can take advantage of specials only offered during the winter season


#2 – Less Damage To Your Landscaping

The weather can be unpredictable during spring and summer. However, during fall and winter, the climate tends to be less humid and there’s usually less precipitation. Deck construction in Fairfax, Virginia is also wise during the winter season as most landscaping has gone dormant so there’s a decreased risk of damaging plants and grass.


#3 – Build Your Deck Faster

Fall and winter leave less room for unexpected delays due to inclement weather. The cooler temperature also allows for longer workdays, meaning your deck can be completed faster.


#4 – Enjoy Your Deck During The Summer Season 

Lastly, spring and summer are when you’ll spend most time enjoying your deck. So by getting your project done during winter, you can have more time outside during these months to take advantage of your new outdoor space.

Deck Construction In Fairfax, Virginia 

Give yourself the gift of a brand new deck this winter season. We look forward to serving you with industry-leading deck construction in Fairfax, Virginia

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