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deck restoration gaithersburg VAAs Spring gets well under way, we begin to plan for the summer season and all the fun backyard parties and barbecues we’ll be throwing. But before you send out the invites, double check that your yard and your deck are in good condition for a party! We’ve pulled together some of our top renovation tricks that you can perform yourself on your own deck. Let’s get crackin’!



Take a quick inspection or inventory of the condition of your deck. Pay particular attention to areas where your deck touches ground, such as posts or stairs that are at ground level. Use a screwdriver to check for rot; if you can sink the screwdriver into the post or joint, then you’ve got a little problem. Also double check that the screws and bolts that are attaching your deck to your house are strong and in good condition.

While you’re looking around the perimeter of the deck, also keep an eye out for any cosmetic damages. like bent or missing nails, that you can easily replace. If you need to replace any of the boards, use a circular saw to cut down the board, ensuring a smooth finish that lines up evenly with the neighboring boards.



Clean your deck at least once a year to follow proper maintenance protocol. If you’ve been doing this fairly regularly, then a simple deck cleaner should do just fine. Remember to put safety first as you’re working with these chemicals and be sure to choose a deck cleaner that’s safe for your plants, too. When it comes to choosing a deck cleaner, you’re sure to find some good options at your local home improvement store. If you’d rather make the cleaner at home, check out our recent post on DIY Deck Cleaners.

When you’re scrubbing, use a stiff-bristle brush to work the cleaner into the wood fibers, then rinse. Always allow the deck to completely dry before you apply stain.



After thoroughly cleaning the deck, you can now apply a protective finish. Choose a clear or transparent finish/stain for a newer deck, but for older decks, we’d recommend picking a semi-transparent stain to give it a more polished look.

Use a 2-inch wide brush to apply the stain, which should take care of any drips by pushing them to the side of the board. Apply a few coats at a time while the first coat is still wet so the stain can better be absorbed into the wood. A fresh coat about every other year should be perfect to keep your deck looking its best.

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