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tips on deck refinishing

Sprucing up your outdoor space can be a fun task. Plus, the end result can make a significant impact by giving you more usable outdoor space. And with deck refinishing and maintenance in Gaithersburg, Maryland, even worn and damaged decks can look like new again. 

If you’re taking on a deck refinishing project this season, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Here’s what we recommend at DeckMaster: 


#1 – Repair visible damage. 

Damage like missing boards, rusted or exposed nails, and sagging handrails are more than just unsightly—they can also cause serious safety hazards. Start with the most important task of making sure your deck is structurally sound and safe before moving on to aesthetic elements. 


#2 – Examine for unseen hazards. 

Make sure you examine your deck from top to bottom for things that may not always be seen by the naked eye—like termite damage, rotting boards, or wobbly structural supports. These are also essential for the structural integrity and safety of your deck. 


#3 – Rejuvenate your deck color. 

Breath new life into worn, weathered boards by staining or painting your deck. There are many shades to choose from—like warm and cool or light and dark tones. You may also consider painting your deck in a neutral or bright shade to add a pop of color. 


#4 – Seal and protect your deck. 

Be sure to add water and UV protection to protect your deck from the elements and help ensure your new deck color lasts. 


#5 – Keep your deck clean. 

Deck cleaning on a regular basis is essential to preserve and protect your deck. Schedule a professional cleaning and restoration service at least on an annual basis.


Deck Refinishing And Maintenance In Gaithersburg, Maryland

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