DeckMaster is becoming TrueDecks! Same ownership, same services, new name.

deck and wood porch cleaning gaithersburgThere are people whose homes do not have a deck in the backyard. There may be others who have a deck, but are considering remodeling it. These people have probably all had the question at some point: What are the advantage of having a deck?

Let’s consider that question a little further. Here are 5 reasons why you should have a deck:


1 – Increases the Value of the Home

By constructing a deck, the value of your home and property will greatly increase. In many cases, you can get 72% of the money you spent back in your pocket because of this increase in value. Other home additions/improvements return much less.

2 – Inexpensive

One of the reasons why you are able to nearly make your money back after building a deck is because deck construction is relatively inexpensive to begin with. Other home renovations cost significantly more. And if it wasn’t already a great value, DeckMaster has lots of coupons on their website that you can take advantage of.

3- Extra Space

A deck is essentially an entire new room of your home (at least in the warm months of the year). A deck immediately provides you with a great space to put furniture, relax, host parties or BBQ’s, or have more storage space.

4- Aesthetic Appeal

A deck changes the look of your home. It adds dimensions and colors that really make your home stand out. A deck can make your home look larger, more comfortable, and more inviting.

5- Fast Construction

From beginning to end, deck construction can generally be completed in a week or two. This is very fast when compared to other construction projects which can sometimes take months to complete. This is good for the homeowner, because you won’t have to deal with the noise and disturbance for an extended period of time.


Here at DeckMaster Inc., we understand the value a deck has for your home and family. We are called DeckMaster for a reason – we are the masters when it comes to deck construction, repair, and maintenance. For all of your deck and fence needs here in Montgomery, Frederick, and Fairfax Counties, remember to call DeckMaster. You won’t be disappointed.