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why not diy deck building

Do-it-yourself projects are becoming ever more popular, which may be why you’ve considered building your new deck yourself. Afterall, with Google and Youtube, how hard could it be?

Well, the answer is, more complicated than you think. There are many significant benefits to having a professional build your deck for you—and several potential consequences to going your own route.

Why Have A Pro Handle Your Deck Construction?

1. One of the often messy complications of building a deck is acquiring the proper building permit—and this doesn’t just apply to contractors. If you’re building your deck yourself, the same codes still apply and you’ll have to go through the process of obtaining the proper documentation. These codes frequently evolve and change, and for a homeowner not as familiar with these stipulations, it often leads to a failed inspection due to not adhering to all the guidelines.

2. How a deck is installed can also impact your warranty. Most composite deck material manufacturers will void the warranties on their products if a deck isn’t installed to meet all of their specifications.

3. One of the main reasons homeowners consider installing a deck themselves is to save money. While it is possible to save on labor costs, it’s important to consider how a professional deck builder can actually save you money when all is said and done.

Building a deck requires an array of expensive tools—like multiple different saws and a power drill—that you’ll either have to buy yourself or pay to rent. Professionals have all the required tools to get the job done.

Professional deck construction teams also have connections with industry suppliers which can help you get the best price on materials.

4. Building a deck yourself also requires an extensive time commitment. We’re talking long days of work—especially on weekends. And unless you have a team of friends and neighbors there to help, a project of this magnitude can steal away a lot of your precious time.

A pro deck builder  does this day in and day out, and can complete a project quickly without sacrificing quality.

5. If you build a deck yourself, you run the risk of having an unstable deck. Hiring a pro provides the reassurance that your deck is safe and built to last.

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