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Winter Maintenance Tips in Gaithersburg MD

We’re in the heart of the winter season which means you’ve likely already prepared your yard and for the snow and cold temperatures. When it comes to your wood deck, you’ve likely noticed it requires some extra TLC—especially during the winter months. 


Here are a few pro tips to help protect your deck during harsh Maryland winters and extend it’s lifespan for years to come. 


#1 – Remove dirt and debris


While build up of leaves, pine needles, and dirt might not seem like a big deal, these can actually have a significant impact on your deck. Piles of debris lock in moisture and can cause rot and other structural damage. Clean your deck before winter and keep debris clear throughout the winter season. 


#2 – Keep your deck free of mold and mildew


If left untreated through the winter season, mold and mildew can cause severe damage to your deck. Prior to and after the winter season, be sure to have your deck professional cleaned using a specially formulated solution that combats mold and mildew and removes any existing growth.


#3 – Have your deck professionally sealed


Be sure not to overlook having your deck sealed and finished at least every 2-3 years. Doing so adds a protective barrier between your wood deck and dirt, rain, snow, and ice. Keeping moisture out of your wood deck is crucial to prevent warping, splintering, cracks, and rot. 


#4 – Carefully remove snow from your deck 


When shoveling snow from your deck, make sure you go with the wood grain. This can help prevent scratching and wearing down the wood finish. Also, don’t use a metal shovel as this can do significant damage to your deck surface.


Also, avoid the tendency to put salt on your deck to melt ice. Salt and various forms of ice melt can significantly harm deck finishes and cost you more money in the long run.


#5 – Place a tarp over your deck


A simple solution may be to place a tarp over your deck and deck furniture during cold, snowy winter months. This works well for those who don’t plan to use their decks at all during winter, but may not be ideal if you have a grill, hot tub, or outdoor fireplace that you plan to use year round.


Deck Maintenance In Gaithersburg, Maryland 


To prepare your deck for harsh winter months and keep it cleaned and preserved all year long, enlist the help of DeckMaster. We specialize in deck cleaning and deck repair using revolutionary methods that will put years back on the life of your deck. 


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