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deck construction falls church va

Building a deck is a popular outdoor project. It’s a great way to expand your living space, plus add real value to your home. 


When planning your project for deck construction in Falls Church, Virginia, there are several key factors to consider. Here are a few from the pro’s at DeckMaster. 


#1 – First, consider what your deck will be used for. 


In the deck design process, it’s critical to prioritize your needs and determine which activities to accommodate for. If you plan on hosting meals or parties on your deck, make room for about 4 feet all the way around your table so people will have plenty of space for seating. 


You’ll also want space for a prep area and a grill, and perhaps additional seating or handrails. When designing your deck, also keep in mind which areas will be sunny and shady at different times of day. 


#2 – Visualize your deck layout before construction. 


Using stakes and string, create an outline of your deck so you can visualize the space in your yard. Also place furniture within the outline to see how well it fits and make adjustments as needed. 


#3 – Select the best deck material for your needs. 


Manufactured wood is excellent if you’re looking for a durable, low-maintenance option. Wood is often best in terms of aesthetics. Here are a few pro’s and con’s of some popular choices. 


Pressure treated wood is easy to stain and waterproof and is reasonably priced. It may warp and crack and will need cleaned, resealed, and re-stained. 


Composite wood comes in a variety of colors and textures, is long-lasting, and won’t crack, splinter, or rot. However, it may not look as natural and is susceptible to scratches and staining. 


PVC wood material is the best in terms of repelling moisture and keeping its shape. It also won’t rot or be vulnerable to termite damage, and it’s easy to clean. But on the flip side, this product looks much less like wood. 


Wood like cedar, hardwood, or redwood are beautiful, easy to work with, and may help repel insects. However, frequent waterproofing and maintenance is required with these materials, and this material can be pricey. 


#4 – Leave space for drainage between your deck boards. 


It’s important to leave gaps between the boards during deck construction to allow for water to runoff. For man-made materials, follow the manufacturing instructions for spacing. For wood decks, use a large nail to space the boards out during installation. 


#5 – Make sure your deck can support enough weight. 


When constructing the foundation and support structure for your deck, consider how much weight will be placed upon it and fortify the foundation if needed. For example, furniture, a hot tub, heavy planters, or outdoor appliances pose the need for more support. 


#6 – Choose your deck pattern and stain. 


Select the pattern you’d like for your boards to be installed, like diagonal, straight, basketweave, or something more unique. Also choose a premium deck stain that repels moisture, mold, mildew, and UV damage, and is the right color for your style. 


#7 – Add finishing touches to your deck. 


Remember custom add-ons that will make your deck truly spectacular. Consider features like privacy screens, pergolas, accent lighting on steps and posts, post trim, post caps, ornate railings, lattice skirts, and more. 


Deck Construction In Falls Church, Virginia


Keep in mind that deck construction is an extensive project that requires expertise for a finishing product that is beautiful, structurally sound, and meets code for safety. Also remember that keeping up with deck cleaning and maintenance is crucial to ensure your deck will last for years to come. 


For all of your deck construction and maintenance needs, contact DeckMaster! We look forward to serving you.