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Warmer months are approaching and so is all of your outdoor entertaining! We want to help you make your deck and patio area inviting, stylish, and practical. Use these tips to bring your own unique style to your deck or patio area:

The most important place to start is with lighting, as this sets the tone and feeling of your space. There are several options, like lighting underneath railings, string lighting, hanging candles, tiki torches, paper or metal lanterns, and accent stair lighting.

under rail deck lighting deck master

deck string lights deckmaster

deck string lighting deckmaster

deck hanging candle deckmaster

deck tiki torch deckmaster

deck tiki torch lighting deckmaster

deck lantern deckmaster

deck hanging lanterns deckmaster

deck stair lighting deckmaster

deck stair accent lighting deckmaster


It’s wise to invest in a matching patio furniture set that you love. This brings the theme of your space together. Choose bright colors or patterns for your throw pillows as well.

deck patio furniture deckmaster

patio furniture set deckmaster


A current trend is to place outdoor rugs under your patio furniture. You can choose a more basic rug or a bright, bold pattern to catch the eye.

deck outdoor rug deckmaster

outdoor rug deckmaster


Another popular trend is to place a canopy over your deck or a built in pergola. You can hang curtains from these for more shade in the evenings or simply for style.

deck canopy deckmaster

deck pergola deckmaster

outdoor deck pergola deckmaster

deck outdoor curtains deckmaster

Add extra seating in a stylish way by installing swings, hammocks, or built in benches.

deck swing deckmaster

deck swings deckmaster

deck hammock deckmaster

hanging deck hammock deckmaster

deck bench deckmaster

deck built in bench


A pop of green makes a huge difference for your deck! Place hanging plants or planter boxes in various locations. Choosing fun, bright pots is a simple way to add pops of color to your space as well.

deck hanging planters deckmaster

deck plants deckmaster


You’ll catch everyone’s attention with a built in spot for your grill or by adding a stone or wood fireplace.

deck bult in grill deckmaster

deck built in fireplace deckmaster


Happy decorating! Need help getting your deck or fence refreshed for summer? Contact DeckMaster today!