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deck maintenance tips for fall

The Summer season is a beautiful time of the year. It’s a time where the sun is shining, warm weather is felt and countless outdoor activities are enjoyed. Now that we are in the middle of September, though, we are reminded of the fast-approaching Fall  season. We need to start thinking about and preparing for everything that entails.

Even though the weather is about to cool down, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our outdoor spaces. Consider the following tips to prepare your deck for the fall.

1. Decide on how you want to use the space you have available. In order to get the most out of your deck, take a quick walkthrough with your family and decide on how it could be used most effectively for the colder weather. It may be a good idea to invest in a heater, or even a new coffee maker.

2. Preparation is key. Now that you know what you’d like to do with this space, make sure you prepare for it. Some decks require much more preparation than others. You may need to consult with a professional to discuss how to best clean your deck.

3. Quickly inspect the quality of your deck to make sure there is no damage that needs to be addressed. This is a must. Inspecting the wood and replacing bolts and other items that aren’t up to par will help maintain this investment for much longer. Be especially wary of any sections of your deck where the wood finish is failing.

4. Clean the deck, removing leaves and other unwanted items. This is a quick tip that can often go unobserved, especially when leaves start failing and it becomes a hassle. By keeping your deck clear of unwanted debris, though, it makes that deck of yours look so much better throughout the months and also makes it easier to prepare when summer comes around again.

5. Enjoy your outdoor space, even with the cold weather. Make sure you take advantage of the days that are warm. We can have sunny days in the most surprising months, so make sure you get the most out of that beautiful deck of yours!

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