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The safety of your home is of the greatest importance, and our team is here to help with deck safety inspections in Gaithersburg, Maryland


Here are a few key features and benefits of this service for your home or business in the Gaithersburg area. 


Get Your Deck Safety Inspection For Just $250 


Whether you’re a realtor, looking to purchase a new home, or want to check on the condition of your deck after years of use, deck safety inspections are essential. 


One important fact to consider is that most home inspections don’t include a comprehensive deck inspection. This can lead to costly repairs and unnecessary headaches for you down the road. 


Thankfully, DeckMaster can help with deck safety inspections for anyone who needs them—including realtors, home buyers, or any concerned party. And the best part is, we charge a flat rate fee of $250 for our deck inspection services


If it’s found that any repairs are necessary on your deck, we’ll credit that charge toward the cost of any needed repairs. Our ultimate goal is your safety and the integrity of your deck structure—which is why we aim to make this service affordable and fair. 


We’re proud to make the deck safety inspection process as simple and seamless as possible for each of our customers. Our professional deck contractor has the experience and eye for detail necessary to perform a detailed, quality evaluation of your deck to determine if it’s up to code and safe for use by you and your loved ones. 


We’re here to help buyers, sellers, and everyone in between avoid any costly surprises or expensive repairs that can get in the way of your transaction—and most of all, your safety. 


Deck Safety Inspections In Gaithersburg, Maryland


Put your trust in DeckMaster to provide affordable, professional, complete deck safety inspections for various types of customers throughout Gaithersburg.  


We look forward to putting our expertise to work to help your transaction go smoothly, and to ensure your safety as you enjoy the deck in your Gaithersburg, Maryland home. 


Contact DeckMaster to schedule your deck safety inspection in Gaithersburg, Maryland!