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It’s actually a great idea. Here’s why.deck building


Year-Round Decks

Houses are built year-round. Why can’t decks have the same story? They can! The thing is, the ground rarely gets hard enough to be a real problem. Professionals can construct through cold and most snow conditions without sacrificing quality. And the cold may be better for the deck materials (read below).

The Season

If you’re using natural wood in the construction of your deck, then you should consider the season in which you’re building. In the drier winter months, the wood’s natural moisture will dry more quickly and evenly while also avoiding very hot sunshine beating down on it. While decks are built to withstand these elements, a freshly built deck may be better off with the natural “curing” that happens in the winter months.

The Biggest Plus of Building in the Winter

If you begin deck construction mid-January, you won’t have to compete with the spring rush. Come April, all your friends and neighbors are scrambling to put up new decks or to have their current decks serviced and you’ll already be enjoying yours.

So, as long as there isn’t a blizzard or the like, DeckMaster will brave the cold and supply premium deck building expertise to your next home project. We’re still out working hard to bring beautiful, trustworthy decks to the fine people of Gaithersburg, MD. Call or contact us today to learn more information!