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With Spring right around the corner, many people are getting ready to enjoy life outside once again. Spring is usually the time when many of those home repairs and jobs that you didn’t want to do in the winter get done, including cleaning the deck. When it comes to deck cleaning, what is the best way to do it?

Power Washing

It might be tempting to have your deck power (or pressure) washed. It may sound fast, cheap, and effective.You will likely see many companies advertising deck cleaning with power washing. But why do we sound so hesitant? Power Washing uses a high-pressure mechanical sprayer with a motor-powered water pump. These machines can be powerful enough to carve into brick! When they are used improperly (which happens frequently), they will cause permanent damage to your wood decks. They often raise the grain of the wood, which results in splintering. Another con of pressure washers is that they can’t kill mildew or mold, and won’t restore the wood to look any better than it did previously.

So what’s the alternative?

DeckMaster’s™ PressureLess Cleaning Systemdeck cleaning deckMaster

Dissatisfied with the results of standard power washing systems used by “professional” companies, DeckMaster’s founder, Jose Ugalde, set out to find a better way. After years of experimenting, the PressureLess™ Cleaning System was developed in 1999.

Using very low water pressure and a unique revolutionary solution, the PressureLess™ Cleaning System restores the wood to its like-new condition, without causing any damage. The solution is safe for the wood, plants, your home, and the environment. It effectively removes sealant and stains, slows the growth of mildew, and has three layers of UV protection.

This year do spring cleaning the right way. Cleaning your deck will rejuvenate your patio and get you ready for all of those summer BBQ’s and parties. Trust the professionals at DeckMaster who have years of experience as the masters of Maryland’s decks and fences. DeckMaster™ is the name you can trust.

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