Here’s what you didn’t know about protecting your wood decks or fences:


Choosing a stain or sealer for your wood deck is more complicated than you may have thought. There are hundreds of different preservatives that you can choose from. So how do you choose the right one? First you should understand the different categories: clear water sealers (No UV), solid stains, transparent stains, and semi-transparent stains. The majority of those stains will provide UV protection against the sun, however clear water sealers essentially provide nothing but water repellency.

Water protection is a very important part of the preservative – it will help prevent gradual wood decay. That said, UV protection may be of even greater importance. Without it, the wood will lose its color and grey out prematurely. Not all stains are created equal. Some have better UV protection than others, depending on the technology used. The trick is knowing which of all these stains is right for your deck. Here’s a tip: the higher the opacity (level of pigments) the longer the stain will last. But as you can probably guess, the longer-lasting stains (like an acrylic formula) will usually cost more money to remove in the future, and for that reason are not usually recommended.

Other things to consider include the age of the wood, its condition, and how well it has been maintained in the past. Also remember to consider the amount of shade on your deck, the amount of foot traffic, the climate, surrounding trees, etc. This may seem like a lot to consider, but every deck has unique characteristics and conditions, and your deck may benefit from a certain stain more than another.

We get it. For most people out there, all of this talk about stains and their characteristics goes right over their heads. Many people simply choose to hire a professional company to take care of all these small details for them. We offer this word of caution – many companies don’t understand the differences between stain formulas! If you truly want to preserve the life of your deck, come to the company whose trained technicians understand wood preservatives like the back of their own hand – DeckMaster. When we come to your home, the only decisions you’ll have to make is which color you want, and how long you want the preservative to last. We’ll take care of the rest. Years of experience and testing of the most popular stains and sealers give us the knowledge necessary to do the job right. Don’t trust imitators!

  • Clear Water Sealers: Waterproof only. No UV protection. Will gray out quickly due to lack of pigments. Does not require high skills or expensive equipment to apply. Widely used by other companies to keep prices low. (Not recommended).
  • Transparent/clear Stains: Excellent UV protection, water repellent, mildew resistance, color retention, breathable. Requires maintenance every 2 yrs. Best maintenance value. Professional skills & equipment are a must. (Recommended).
  • Semi-transparent Stains: Extreme UV protection, water repellent, mildew mold resistance, excellent color retention. Requires maintenance every 2-3 yrs. Great maintenance value. (Recommended if richer, more obscure tone is desired).
  • Solid Stains: Maximum UV protection, water clean up, mildew & mold clean up, maximum color retention. Requires maintenance every 4 yrs. Most costly maintenance. Only recommended for vertical surfaces such as siding and railings.



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