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Spring deck maintenance

With spring steadily approaching, it’s the perfect time to start planning projects to spruce up your home. While there’s plenty to tackle indoors, there’s also a lot to take on in your yard—including deck maintenance in Fairfax


From caring for your lawn and flowerbeds to cleaning the exterior of your home and everything in between, you’ve got enough to take on. Power washing may seem like a quick fix for your deck, but DeckMaster has actually developed a safer, more effective method. 


So make DeckMaster a part of your spring cleaning routine each year with revolutionary deck maintenance in Fairfax. You’ll be glad you did—especially when you see the difference we can make in preserving your deck for years to come. 


Extend The Life Of Your Deck With Routine Maintenance


Think about it—your deck faces a lot of harsh conditions throughout the year. Harsh weather like rain, strong winds, and blistering sun can do a number on many different deck materials. 


In addition to weathering and wear and tear, decks can also endure damage on a regular basis. Whether big or small, DeckMaster can help. We specialize in repairing loose, rotting, or cracked boards and railings. Our technicians can also fortify the structural supports of your deck, make aesthetic improvements, and everything in between.


Another key element of routine maintenance is deck cleaning—and our PressureLess™ Cleaning System & Preservation System is an excellent alternative to pressure washing. 


High powered pressure washers may blast dirt away, but can also cause long term damage to your deck. Thankfully, the DeckMaster method implements a non-toxic solution and high volume sprayer to avoid cracking, splintering, or inflicting mildew growth on your deck. 


Our deck maintenance service also includes tone restoration and UV protection to help restore and preserve your deck for the years ahead. We can also re-seal and re-stain your deck as part of the process so it looks its best in addition to being structurally sound and secure. 


Our goal at DeckMaster is to take care of your deck investment so you can enjoy making memories there for years to come. 


Deck Maintenance In Fairfax


This spring and every year, make DeckMaster part of your routine deck maintenance. We look forward to serving you throughout the Fairfax area.


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