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Ensure the Safety of Your Deck

We’ve all had family, friends, and neighbors enjoying BBQ’s and get-togethers out on a back deck in the summer months. That’s why it’s vital that you make sure your deck is safe and ready to take the wear and tear.


What Makes A Deck Unsafe?

Although most decks are made with sturdy wood and metal materials, they also spend their whole existence at the whim of every weather change. Rain, ice, sun, and tear from everyday use can take a lot out of your deck. Also consider that millions of decks in the United States are more than 20 years old and were built when building codes were very different than today.
Be wary of deck failures! A deck failure is any deck or railing problem that leads to injury or total deck collapse. Ledger board issues, wood rot, and rusting of wood fasteners are a few examples.


The 5 Most Common Deck Dangers

  1. Wood. It’s important to inspect load-bearing posts and ledger boards to ensure there is no decay. Look for marks of insects and/or soft, spongy wood.
  2. Flashing. Deck flashing is a sheet made of stainless steel, copper or vinyl material that creates a water barrier where the deck support meets the house. Make sure this barrier doesn’t need replacing and that it was installed in the first place.
  3. Fasteners. Check for loose screws or corrosion/rusting on the metal fasteners underneath the deck and stairs.
  4. Railing. Remember that your railing is really there for safety, not just for looks. Make sure to push against it to determine its integrity. Also have a professional at DeckMaster ensure the railings are up to current code.
  5. Electrical. Far too often, deck lights and outlets are not up to code and pose a serious fire hazard. Also make sure all wires are safely out of reach.


Inspect your deck annually and do your best to maintain its beauty, both for style and for safety! If you have questions or need deck maintenance, call the experts at DeckMaster. We can clean, refinish, or replace your deck in the fastest and most efficient way possible!