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Deck Refinishing

Transform Your Deck with Professional Refinishing Services

If you own a deck, you know just how wonderful it can be. Unfortunately, your deck’s wood can deteriorate over time, suffering wear and tear. In addition, if not maintained regularly,  bad weather and pests can wreak havoc, making it look old and decrepit.

Refinishing and restaining a deck might seem like something you can do yourself. However, professional deck refinishing services are usually necessary to refinish a wood deck fully. 

DeckMaster offers premium-grade deck refinishing services in Gaithersburg, MD. Our professionals will work tirelessly to make your deck is as good as new. If you need a new deck finish, you can count on us!

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Why Should You Refinish Your Deck?

Not sure why you should refinish your deck? Consider the following:

With each passing year, your deck boards degrade and become more susceptible to damage. Extreme weather and pesky pests can take a toll, leaving your deck finish looking tired and ugly. 

Have you noticed any signs of deterioration lately? Your deck’s finish may suffer from the following:

  • Rotten wood: Pests, insects, water damage, and fungi can chip away at wood planks, causing rot.
  • Chips and splinters: Repeated damage and elemental exposure may cause wood to splinter.
  • Sagging floorboards: Damp, soggy floorboards often sag, looking old and unsightly.
  • Cracked planks: Wood planks can crack with pressure.

Decks older than ten years will often suffer from external damage. However, even newer decks often need deck refinishing. Working with our professional deck restoration team can help you solve these issues.

If your deck has experienced significant damage, you may require deck resurfacing instead, which involves replacing the damaged deck surface

The Deck Refinishing Process

Our deck refinishing process follows a specific set of instructions.

Safety Inspection

Each deck refinishing project begins with a thorough safety inspection. Our experts will examine your deck’s structure and framing to determine whether it is sound.   If needed, we’ll make note of any necessary repairs before we can begin the refinishing process.

Repair & Replace

 After acquiring building permits, we’ll repair any       damaged or rotting boards. We’ll replace any visible nails with more reliable deck screws.


Our certified technicians will determine which cleaning method works best for your deck: a hose, brush, and our very own cleaner solution or power washing.

Sanding & Stripping

If your deck’s stain is uneven or decayed, we’ll strip it   using a stain stripper. If needed, we’ll also sand any rough planks.

Stain & Paint

 If you’d like us to treat your deck, we’ll go ahead and stain the deck

Clean Up

After the project is done, we’ll remove any remaining debris. You’ll be able to use your new deck surface right away!

Want to know more about how refinishing a wood deck works? Contact your local deck refinishing professionals.

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Should I Refinish or Replace My Deck?


You might be curious as to whether or not to refinish or replace your deck. Typically, deck replacement is for decks with structural damage. If a deck’s foundation is no longer safe, then it needs replacing.

Deck refinishing works best in cases where the foundation is intact. If it’s just the deck finish that needs work, refinishing is the best choice for you. There’s no need to replace the entire deck in this situation.

Deck replacing might be best for decks that are over ten years old. Even if your structure is intact, replacing it might save more money in the long run. Working with deck refinishing professionals can help you decide which option is best for your deck.

Why Choose Expert Deck Refinishing Services


DIY deck refinishing projects might seem like a good idea. However, while possible under some circumstances, home deck repair is a job best left to professionals. Deck refinishing is not your average home improvement project.

Deck refinishing involves more than just applying a new coat of paint. It means refinishing an entire deck after years of wear and tear. We at DeckMaster do a thorough job, not a dash of varnish here or there like other decking companies.

When you work with a professional deck building and restoration company, you gain access to deck expertise, industrial deck refinishing equipment, and the time and dedication necessary to make your deck safe and look attractive. We make sure your investment pays off by extending your deck’s lifespan for many years. 

DeckMaster provides both price-match and 100% satisfaction guarantees. Our certified contractors will work tirelessly to make your deck look as good as new. We won’t leave your property until we’ve gained your approval.

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Quality Deck Refinishing Services in Gaithersburg, MD


Are you looking for professional deck refinishing in Gaithersburg, MD? DeckMaster offers premium-grade deck refinishing services at fair prices. With our professionals, you’ll be nothing but satisfied with your deck’s new look. Call us at (240) 685-6361 to receive a quote today.


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21:07 26 Feb 23
Deck Master achieved our vision of a minimalist and yet modern and low maintenance look to showcase new fresher style with less obstruction. Pavel, the project manager was professional and very responsive. The quotes he gave us was reasonable, affordable, and the workmanship was remarkable - even better than their most expensive competitor. Yelka has superb customer service and she really took care of our needs and questions. The work of the crew was meticulous. Not to mention Carlos who installed the Trex Signature Horizontal Rod Railing had such attention to details and took into consideration our feedback and made things look well done.
Isabella ZinkIsabella Zink
19:33 16 Jan 23
Had the best experience working with DeckMaster, Inc. My house has a historical designation which requires extra permitting and permission. Jose took care of all of that and he and his team fully replaced the existing deck with a much sturdier, better designed one. The whole process was smooth and efficient once the permitting was over, and I look forward to the final painting and finishing in the spring.
Alan JoiceAlan Joice
01:07 31 Dec 22
Deck Master (1) removed our old rotting ground level wooden deck and replaced it with a beautiful paver patio with sitting walls (2) replaced our deteriorating porch wooden steps with composite vinyl/trex lighted steps (3) replaced our porch screens, cleaned and stained porch all fascia boards including vinyl cladding on vertical fascia. All work was done in a very professional way with separate crews that specialized in the work that needed to be done including the demolition. Each crew would show up and work until work was completed and then clean up and remove all construction debris. Crews and construction managers and office managers were friendly and responsive to our concerns. All materials and installation were top quality resulting in an impressive finished product. I highly recommend Deck Master.
Ben ActonBen Acton
16:10 15 Nov 22
DeckMaster did a great job of replacing our old deck with a Trex structure that looks beautiful & substantial. The initial estimate was timely, accurate & reasonably priced. The installers were prompt, courteous & carefully cleaned up when finished. My emails & phone calls to them were promptly responded to. I recommend DeckMaster highly.
Xylon FunesXylon Funes
16:32 25 Jul 22
the customer service was great. Melanie explained me about the services that DeckMaster provide. I decided to do a deck maintenance, and I was amazed of the great job that they did. When the people arrive to my house, I told them that I do not like shoes on my house, and they listen to me. My deck now looks like never before super clean. Overall the experience with DeasMaster was excellent.

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