DeckMaster is becoming TrueDecks! Same ownership, same services, new name.

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It’s a new year, which means new goals, opportunities, memories and much more! We want to make those memories even better by giving you the deck you’ve always dreamed of! At DeckMaster, we work hard so that you can love your home even more than you do now. Creating beautiful decks adds value and functionality for years at a time. We go above and beyond the work the other deck builders promise. You’ll be left with a finished product that will make you say, “Wow.”

Deck Construction

At DeckMaster, we’re the master at building decks. That’s not all we excel at, though! We offer various deck building and maintenance services, and do it all with you in mind. We make sure that you feel like you’re getting the most valuable possible at a fair price, and that your needs are being met. Here’s what a recent customer said about their experience with us: “Amazing Customer Service from calling for an estimate to the completion of the deck project. I would HIGHLY recommend Deck Master. The crew did a great job. Great company to work with!!! Project was completed quickly, faster than expected.”

It’s your home, so you shouldn’t get a “cookie-cutter” deck. Our decks are custom-built with unique designs and multiple wood options. You can rest assured that you’ll get the exact look and feel you want.

Maintenance and Repairs

We’re not just masters at deck building, we’re also professionals at maintenance. It would be awful to invest in a beautiful deck, only for it to look worn after a short time. We offer deck cleaning, sealing and even repair! You’ll be confident that you have the deck of your dreams, and that it will last for years.

Our innovative PressureLess cleaning system goes above and beyond typical deck care. Don’t hurt your deck with high pressure water that can cause splintering and, at the same time, can’t remove stains and sealants or kill mildew or mold! Our innovative system gently cleans the wood, while also effectively removing sealants and stains and slowing mildew re-growth.

With it being a new year, it’s time to finally get started on that deck project. If you don’t have a deck built yet, now’s the best time of year to do it! Give us a call for a free estimate at (240) 404-0207.