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Discover the difference between DeckMaster's PressureLess Cleaning System and Power Washing

When making a sizable investment, it only makes sense to preserve it and keep it as long-lasting as possible. So why should your deck be any different? By routinely cleaning the wood of your deck, you can help ensure the wood stays healthy and large repairs will not be as frequent. But while cleaning the deck is important, using the correct tools is equally or more important.

Power washing is a common suggestion for cleaning your deck, but what most don’t realize is that it can be extremely damaging to the wood and the overall life span of the deck. With DeckMaster, we have created a PressureLess Cleaning & Preservation System that is gentle on wood, while still getting the job done. If you are located in the Reston, VA or Frederick, MD area, take a look at how DeckMaster’s cleaning system compares to power washing your deck!


  • PressureLess cleaning system is gentle on wood
  • Effectively removes sealant & stains
  • Unlike power washing, won’t damage wood surfaces
  • Slows mildew re-growth
  • Prolongs beauty & life of any type of wood
  • Non-toxic and safe for the environment
  • Restores your deck to look like new
  • VOC compliant stains with 3 layers of UV protection
  • We provide free wood evaluation to determine your needs
  • No hidden charges or misleading advertisements
  • You can trust DeckMaster™ as an industry specialist
  • Price match guarantee for same quality service & products

Power Washing

  • High Pressure washing is harsh on surfaces
  • Won’t remove stains or sealant
  • Causes splintering by raising the grain of the wood
  • Can’t kill mildew or mold
  • May cause permanent damage to your deck
  • Typically uses harsh or no chemicals
  • Won’t restore the wood to look like new
  • Uses water sealers without UV protection
  • Decks are usually treated equally, without evaluating individual needs
  • Low prices advertised with hidden costs
  • Many amateur companies in the field
  • Cut costs by using inexpensive equipment, sealers, and chemicals
power washing frederick md vs deck cleaning reston va
power washing reston va deck cleaning frederick md

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