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how often to stain wood deck

Moisture is one of the most threatening enemies to wood decks—especially during the fall and winter seasons. This is just one reason why applying a quality deck sealer or stain is crucial to keeping your deck in good condition. 

How Often Deck Sealing Is Needed

Start by doing a quick test to examine the current state of your deck. Deposit a few drops of water to you deck and watch to see if it beads up and remains on the deck surface. If not and you see the moisture soak into the wood, this is a good indicator that your deck is at risk. 

When a deck seal wears down, it puts you at higher risk of rotting, splitting, warping, and erosion. 

For most decks, sealing once each year is a good rule of thumb. Depending on the condition of your deck this can be adjusted, but keep in mind that you should never go beyond three years maximum before re-sealing and staining

What Kind Of Deck Seal Should Should You Use? 

When it comes to deck sealing, there are several different options to choose from. You can choose a clear sealer, a semi-transparent seal/stain, or a solid seal/stain. 

If you’re happy with the natural wood tone and color of your deck, clear sealers provide a protective barrier while preserving the natural character and grain. These sealers may not be as effective at blocking UV rays, which is where the other options come in. 

Semi-transparent or tinted stains provide the same benefits as clear sealants but with added UV protection. Solid stains are heavily pigmented and available in a variety of colors to entirely cover the natural wood grain of your deck. 

Deck Sealing In Gaithersburg, Maryland

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