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tips for deck refinishing

We hope you’re enjoying the spring season, and are getting ready for a memorable summer! As the leader for the industry’s most effective alternative to power washing in Fairfax, Virginia, we’re all about helping you get your outdoor space ready for what’s to come! 

Our unique method gives your deck a deeper clean without the harshness of traditional pressure washers. In the process, we can also restore the wood tone of your deck and seal it so it can repel both moisture and UV rays. 

In addition to DeckMaster’s approach to power washing in Fairfax, Virginia, here are some smart tips and tricks for protecting your deck from all that will come its way this upcoming summer. 

Shield Your Deck From Summer Weather 

It’s important to protect your deck from the sun and other harsh elements of summer weather. Check out these ideas! 


  • Add a pergola, trellis, umbrella, tree, or awning. These create shade to protect both your deck and those who enjoy it from the blistering summer rays. They also add privacy when you need it, too. 
  • Install a fan. These can be mounted on the ceiling or wall and keep the air moving to keep you cool. As an added benefit, they also help clear pockets of hot air and humidity away from your deck. 
  • Consider your deck stain. When selecting the perfect stain for your deck, avoid colors that absorb a lot of heat and require more maintenance, like black or deep browns. 
  • Utilize power washing. Keep up with power washing in Fairfax, Virginia as an important way to not only keep your deck clean, but sealed and protected as well. 
  • Avoid pressure when it comes to cleaning. Pressure washing may be one of the most common methods for deck cleaning, but it can actually soften and damage the wood—making it more susceptible to damage. Stick to DeckMaster power washing in Fairfax, Virginia to help ensure the wood remains strong to resist UV rays. 


Power Washing In Fairfax, Virginia

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