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refinish your deck gaithersburg marylandDid this year’s winter storms leave your deck in bad shape? The good news is, there are options for you to restore your deck so it looks as good as new! DeckMaster offers a full suite of restoration methods that will get your deck back to tip-top shape before spring. In order to maintain the beauty of your deck, it’s important to take preventative and restorative measures that will prevent it from deteriorating. And DeckMaster’s revolutionary PressureLess Cleaning System for deck restoration and maintenance does just that!

DeckMaster’s PressureLess Cleaning System

Here’s a quick overview: the DeckMaster PressureLess Cleaning System involves our signature biodegradable cleaning solution that works quickly and powerfully to remove old stains and stop the spread of mildew. The best part about our cleaning solution is that it doesn’t require a high amount of pressure to get the job done, meaning we can restore the wood to its best condition more efficiently than power washing companies in the area.

Benefits of DeckMaster vs. Power Washing

There are a lot of benefits to utilizing the DeckMaster system over a power washing service. First, DeckMaster’s refined process provides efficient work at an affordable price. Since we don’t need the extra equipment or high power tools like our competitors, ours is the best-priced deck restoration service in the Gaithersburg area. Also, our expert deck restoration technicians are specifically trained to evaluate deck conditions and provide an accurate assessment of the work to be done without “selling” you on a service you don’t need.

Don’t Forget the Seal!

Properly sealing the stain onto your deck provides numerous benefits including locking in the color, providing UV protection, and helping your deck last longer between maintenance services. There is a large variety of stains and sealants. Many consumers get confused in the research process and simply turn to the hired professional to provide a recommendation for which sealant or stain they should select. However, not all professional companies truly understand which sealants to select and which to avoid for your specific deck. When you choose DeckMaster for your deck maintenance service, you can rest easy knowing that our technicians are highly trained and understand the differences between the various stain formulas. Your deck will be properly sealed, last longer, and look better with DeckMaster!

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