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deck maintenance

Your deck is a valuable investment. It is an extension of your home, and creates an additional space for you to enjoy. That said, a wood deck is made of just that – wood. Without proper maintenance, wood can warp, crack, and deteriorate. With a little bit of training, you’ll know how to make your deck last longer and keep it looking in pristine condition. Here are 3 deck maintenance tips that even you can do!

Regularly Clean the Deck

We aren’t saying you have to deep-clean the deck every week, but you should regularly take a broom and sweep off the deck to remove any dirt, leaves, or debris. These things can stain the wood if left for a long period of time. You may also want to remove any furniture and hose down the deck to remove any debris from those hard-to-reach crevices and corners.

Beware of Moisture

Any moisture that accumulates on your wood deck can be very harmful to the wood. When water gets inside of the wood it can start to rot and harm the structural integrity of the wood. If snow piles up, or if ice forms, remove it immediately. Flower pots that are sitting on the deck floor can also cause harmful moisture build up. Avoid this by elevating flower pots if possible. If you find areas of your deck that moisture is collecting and not draining, contact a deck repair company.

Bring in the Professionals

professional deck companyEven if there is no visible damage to your wood deck, you should have a professional deck company such as DeckMaster come and inspect the deck. There are frequently corrections to be made that the untrained eye can’t see. In addition to looking for loose nails or screws, DeckMaster can suggest the best sealants and stains that will maximize the lifetime of your wood deck. Each deck is unique and has certain qualities that make one type of stain better than another.

For all of your deck and fence needs in Montgomery, Frederick, and Fairfax Counties, call the one company that has mastered every aspect of the industry – DeckMaster. With our help, you’ll have a beautiful deck that will last for decades.