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spring deck cleaning

Spring is a popular time for deck and fence maintenance—including pressure washing in Germantown, Maryland

However, there’s actually a better method for your wood surfaces than harsh pressure washers. Here are some of the benefits you can cash in on with PressureLess Washing from the Deckmaster team. 


Clean Your Deck Or Fence The Safer Way

Let’s face it—after a harsh winter season, your fence and deck surfaces could use some love. Spring is the ideal time to wash away dirt, grime, and stains, and reverse months of damage and wear. 

Many people turn to pressure washers to handle the job without realizing this method can actually do additional damage rather than good. 

Sure, high-powered pressure washers do their job at blasting dirt away. However, they’re also proven to inflict long-term damage to fences and decks. 

On the flip side, the DeckMaster revolutionary PressureLess Washing System uses a powerful, non-toxic cleaning solution to do the heavy lifting. When applied with a high-volume mist sprayer, this chemical solution removes virtually any stains and sealants without leaving behind mold, cracks, or splinters in its wake. 

PressureLess Washing from Deckmaster is more efficient and effective than pressure washing—which is a better option for your home, plus can save you money on labor costs. 

In addition to cleaning decks and fences the safer way, DeckMaster PressureLess Washing is the perfect way to prep your wood surfaces for staining and sealing. And yes, you guessed it, we can take care of those for you, too. 

We’ll brighten and neutralize your deck or fence color, plus add an advanced sealant with water and UV protection so your wood surfaces can last even longer. 


PressureLess Washing In Germantown, Maryland

Trust your wood fence or deck in the best hands—trust DeckMaster in Germanton, Maryland. 

We look forward to putting our PressureLess Washing System to work for you this spring season and year-round. We’ll see you soon!

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