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From blistering hot summers to frigid cold winters and everything in between, your deck is exposed to harsh conditions. It’s no doubt that on a routine basis, you’ll need deck repair in Mclean, Virginia

Not only does repairing your deck help keep it looking its best, it also ensures that your deck structure is structurally sound and safe. 

Here are a few tell-tale signs that yours is in need of deck repair in Mclean, Virginia

#1 – Wood Is Rotting

Over time, your deck may rot in small sections or over larger areas. Do a routine check by tapping on areas you’ve seen a lot of moisture or where the wood appears to be wearing down using a screwdriver. Remember to test support beams underneath your deck, too. If the wood feels soft or mushy, that’s a sign it’s rotting and needs to be replaced.  

#2 – Loose Floorboards

If you feel any wiggling or movement on floorboards, these need to be replaced. Any feeling of instability is a sign of need for deck repair in Mclean, Virginia. And don’t worry—loose floorboards are typically an easy fix. Also keep an eye out for any cracked floorboards that need to be replaced. 

#3 – Shaky Railings

While the railings aren’t a structural element of your deck, they’re essential for safely getting on and off your deck. Shaky or wobbly railings should be replaced right away. Also check to see the source of the problem, like potential rotting wood or rusting in hardware so it can all be replaced. 

#4 – Rusted Hardware

Regularly examine nails and bolts for rust. Rusted hardware is weaker and less able to support the structure of your deck. 

#5 – Structural Damage

Keep an eye on the joists and beams of your deck. These are crucial structural elements that help support the entire deck. If you notice any rotting, shifting, or other damage, the structure of your deck is compromised and needs to be repaired. 

Deck Repair In Mclean, Virginia

DeckMaster specializes in helping your deck look its best and be structurally sound for years to come. Trust us with your deck repair in Mclean, Virginia plus so much more. 

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