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Owning a wood deck is no small task. In order to keep it looking its best, regular maintenance (cleaning, sealing, staining, etc.) is required. It is recommend that you have a professional checkup every 2-4 years. Here in the Maryland/Virginia area, there’s no better company for deck maintenance than DeckMaster.

One of the critical factors that DeckMaster will take into consideration before staining your deck is the outside temperature. To get the best results, it’s important that we find the right day and time to perform the work.

Too Hot

If it’s too hot outside, specifically above 90 degrees, you run the risk of the stain drying too quickly and causing the stain to improperly penetrate the surface, distribute unevenly, and will appear blotchy. The stain becomes less effective in this case. Try to stain your deck on a cooler day, or start early in the morning to avoid the hottest part of the day.

Too Cold

On the flip side of the coin, low temperature are another thing we’ll be sure to avoid. If the temperature is not surpassing 50 degrees, it may be too cold for deck staining. Unlike the heat, the cold will delay the stain from drying completely, which can mess up the curing process and adhesion of the stain.

Bad Weather

Any other type of bad weather – including rain, wind, or high humidity – can create problems when deck staining. Excess moisture has an effect on the stain drying, and wind can blow debris across your deck. If possible, we’ll find a calm day with clear skies to do our work.

Why DeckMaster

DeckMaster will be extra cautious to find the right day to stain your deck, but that’s not the only reason why DeckMaster is the right choice for your next deck maintenance job. We offer 3 maintenance packages that each include our famous DeckMaster™ PressureLess Cleaning System™. It’s the safe and effective way to clean your wood. Visit our website or give us a call to learn more and schedule your next appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon!