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If a wood fence is part of your landscape and you need help maintaining it, this one’s for you.

You chose wood because it adds character and charm to your yard, but lately it’s looking drab and dull. The richness that was once your wood fence has now faded to a dirty gray. You used to love the unique texture and character of your wood fence, and now it’s become a bit of an eyesore.

You know that in order to bring back the luster of your wood fence, it needs to be cleaned and stained. But you also don’t want to further damage the already worn wood surface. So what can be done?

How To Avoid Further Damage When Cleaning Your Wood Fence

The good news is, there’s a simple solution for restoring while also preserving the fence you once loved.

The key here is simple: understanding how to treat porous wood surfaces. Most fence maintenance companies use pressure washers that, although powerful, are extremely damaging to wood.

That’s why DeckMaster has developed a better way to maintain wood fences. Our PressureLess™ Cleaning System & Preservation System utilizes the power of a chemical that is non-toxic and biodegradable. This eco-friendly solution effectively cleans and revitalizes wood surfaces naturally with a gentle yet powerful mist sprayer.

That means that rather than relying on harmful pressure washers, our solution gets the job done without compromising your wood surfaces.

Rather than triggering mold and mildew growth, our process actually prevents it. You’ll be left with no cracking, splintering, or damage—just a beautiful wood fence that looks like new.

Trust DeckMaster For Your Fence Maintenance

We not only clean your wood fence, but brighten and restore its tone, repair any damage, and apply a protective finish. Your wood fence will have new life, and added protection from future water or UV damage.

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