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Wood decks add visual interest and function to your home. At DeckMaster we specialize in enhancing your outdoor space with deck construction in Reston

When it comes to your project for deck building in Reston, there are many stain colors to choose from. Here are some of the main categories plus how to choose the perfect stain for your deck. 

Deck Stain Color Options

  • Browns. These bring a rich, natural look that adds warmth and depth to your deck. Some of our favorite brown stains are cedar, mahogany, ebony, chestnut brown, and desert tan. 
  • Blues. These look particularly beautiful in coastal areas. Muted, neutral blues are soothing and calm. You may also choose a brighter blue town for a beachy, Mediterranean or Boho look. We love cool breeze, blue granite, and arctic blue. 
  • Grays. Make no mistake—gray is anything but dull! There are many variations that provide a neutral, versatile tone. Some popular choices are slate, fog, stonehenge, and mountain gray. 
  • Reds. Red stains remain a fan favorite for deck staining. Try a spiced red, mahogany, or terra cotta deck stain
  • Naturals. Natural stains are a popular choice because of how they subtly enhance the beauty of the natural word and for how easy they are to maintain. Some go-to natural stains are cedar and oak.


Deck Building In Reston

As you can see, there’s a full spectrum of color to choose from for your deck. Whether you want a neutral color or a more bold, vibrant tone, DeckMaster can help! 

There’s truly a color for everyone. The benefits of deck construction in Reston are universal, but yours can be one of a kind with a stain color that fits perfectly with your style. 

Contact DeckMaster to get started with deck building in Reston!