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If you have a deck installed at your home you likely know the importance of keeping it cleaned and maintained. Deck washing is a service homeowners should schedule each year in order to preserve and protect these wood surfaces. 

However, where some people go wrong is by choosing a deck washing method that can actually do more harm than good.

Here’s why to avoid high pressure washers on you deck, and the unique solution DeckMaster offers with our PressureLess™ Cleaning & Preservation System.

The Best Way To Wash Your Deck

Most deck washing companies use high-powered pressure washers to blast away dirt and debris. That type of equipment might sound desirable at first, but it can actually cause serious long term damage to the wood of your deck. 

The destructive amount of power and moisture used with pressure washers can blast away more than just dirt—including the stain and protective finish of your deck—which can damage the wood and leave it even more exposed to weather and UV rays than before. 

That’s why DeckMaster created a better way. Our PressureLess™ Deck Cleaning System doesn’t use high pressure. Instead, we apply our non-toxic cleaning solution using a high volume mist sprayer. The chemicals in our revolutionary solution are powerful enough to remove imperfections and rejuvenate wood surfaces without the risk of cracking, splintering, and mildew growth like with pressure washers. 

Plus, our deck cleaning service can be paired with other routine maintenance like restoring and brightening the wood tone of your deck, adding a new protective sealant that repels moisture and UV rays, adding a new deck color and/or finish, and even resurfacing and repairing minor deck damage. 

With DeckMaster, all your bases are covered. Our PressureLess™ deck washing process is safe for wood surfaces and highly effective at restoring their structural integrity and appearance. Plus, with our price match guarantee, you’re sure to get the best value throughout Montgomery County, Maryland. 

Deck Washing In Gaithersburg, Maryland

When it comes to a precious investment like your deck, you should make sure it’s in good hands. DeckMaster is committed to providing the highest quality deck washing service that will strengthen and renew—not compromise—your deck from the inside out. 

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