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Spring is just around the corner and the people here in Maryland/Virginia are excited as they are every year. It’s a beautiful season – flowers begin to blossom, and the sun shines longer and warmer. For many people, the spring is also a time to clean the house after a long winter. There are a lot of areas around the house that will need cleaning, but before you skip this important area, here are some reasons why you should clean your deck this spring.


Preserve the life of your wood

Snow and heavy moisture over the course of the winter can be harmful for the wood of your deck, potentially leading to mold, rot, or mildew growth. Cleaning your deck in the spring helps to preserve the structural integrity of the wood, helping to extend the wood’s lifespan. Cleaning your deck is the first step you would need to take when adding a sealant and stain, an additional way to add protection to your wood.


Make your deck look better

Isn’t this the main reason you clean anything in your home? But it is certainly true with your deck. When you clean your deck you remove dust, debris, and tough-to-remove stains that have accumulated over the previous months. This helps to make the deck look brighter and newer.


Provides you a place to gather

With the weather warming up, it’s time to get ready for the BBQ’s, parties, and social gatherings that you can have in your backyard. By cleaning your deck this springtime, your deck will be ready to show off to your friends and family.


Now that you see the importance of cleaning up your deck this Spring, you should also know that not all deck cleaners in Maryland are created equal. Some companies use strong pressure washers that do more harm than good. Here at DeckMaster we use our revolutionary deck cleaning system – the PressureLess Cleaning & Preservation System™. Along with a unique revolutionary solution, there’s no better way to clean your deck during this year’s spring cleaning. Call us today to learn more and to schedule an appointment!